In 2008, ECF has been asked by the Chinese Minister of Health Mr Chen Zhu, to develop a centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Europe. ECF has given this task to CEBDS to further develop this project. This centre will be financed by the Chinese Government and will offer the best of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and western healthcare to its patients.  After a long search for the right location in Europe and many meetings with several different national and local politicians, CEBDS has selected and found the best possible city for this prestigious project.  This centre will be the first centre for complementary healthcare in Europe fully financed by China.

Robert de Vos, Chairman ECF meeting with Minister of Health Chen Zhu in the Great Hall of the People.

Robert de Vos, Chairman ECF meeting with the Vice Minister of Health Wang Guoqiang  in the Diaoyutai.

Signing of the contract with the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Cabinet of the Minister of Economic Affairs in Belgium in presence of Ambassador Ming Jungfu. 

Former ECF Headquarters in Belgium, hosting the reception and dinner of the Chinese delegation from the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM) with Mr Li Daning and in presence of  Ambassador Ming Jungfu and Consul Mr Wang Jingweng from the Chinese Embassy in Brussels.

Meeting with Mr Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Malaga

Meeting at the Royal Palace Soestdijk in the Netherlands, introducing Mrs Cheng Mingy

Meeting with Cheng Mingyi and Mr David Perez, Mayor of Alcorcon (Madrid) and Vice Mayor Mrs Silvia Cruz


ECF  has been asked by China to help with the development of a new system and infrastructure for the Chinese senior population. This project will imply the structure of new type of elderly homes, a new service system and supply chain of  (medical ) products, supplements and needed attributes.


ECF is negotiating with the national and local authorities in Spain for a new to be set up free trade zone. This free trade zone, offers the connection between China, Europe, South America and Africa. The Chinese Government has shown a great interest in this plan. 


ECF has signed an agreement with the Chinese Ministry of culture to arrange exhibitions in the leading European museums for Chinese art. ECF also has signed an agreement with CISM to organise a cultural event in Beijing to auction paintings and other art objects to raise money for charity. 

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